Posted on Mar 22, 2020

Tony's Auto Removal

Old cars in your garage attract insects and rodents

Have you thought that you can get cash for the old car that you have in the garage? Many people keep these cars because they have used them for so many years and bring good memories in their lives. Unfortunately, when a car stops running, it just gives a bad appearance to the property and attracts different insects and rodents. Therefore, if you have a car that isn't running anymore and you would like to sell it, you can contact Tony´s Auto Removal, Portland junk car buyer. We offer more cash than other companies and you can rest assured that every time you call us, our professional team will arrive, pay for the car, to take it. You will never pay for the towing. We also do all the paperwork for you. There is nothing to worry about and the process is quicker with us. Call us today at 503-286-4405 or visit our website to learn more about our services. Call junk car buyers in Portland now.

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